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bestprax prize
Organizations that have harvested best practices aligned to Business Excellence Models, such as, the Baldrige, EFQM, IMC RBNQA, CII Exim, BestPrax Barometer, and others.
Practice Goals
  • Better, faster, cheaper, DIFFERENT
  • Disruptive change in HOW for the WHAT
Possible Focus for Results (the WHAT)
  • Environmental, legal and regulatory compliance
  • Contribution to societal well being
  • Financial outcomes
  • Market outcomes
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer complaint management
  • Warranty claims
  • Workforce capacity and capability
  • Workforce engagement
  • Workforce loyalty
  • Product / service features
  • Mean-Time-Between-Failures
  • Mean-Time-To-Repair
  • Cycle time
  • Cost Of Poor Quality
Benchmarking Methodology Options
  • Best Practices Mining
  • Best Practices Harvesting
  • Cross-Industry Benchmarking
  • Benchmarking Partnerships
  • NextPrax Labs
  • Other
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Recommended Reference Materials

Quality Fable on Benchmarking


While several organizations have started benchmarking, formally or informally, there are many examples throughout history where one organization has studied another to learn how to do something better, and differently.

In the early 1900s, European generals were trying to find the best way to move soldiers, horses, and equipment from one place to another and thereby to be battle ready by the next day. They recognized that a circus faces similar transportation problems on an ongoing basis.

P T Barnum’s circus successfully transported personnel, equipment, and animals from one American town to another. These European generals studied what made Barnum’s circus transportation so smooth and efficient. They also adopted and applied these same ‘best practices’ to improve their own army’s transportation.

When trying to do anything better, study how those who are world-class do it. Others may have already solved the same or a similar problem. That in brief, is benchmarking.

But doing anything better now requires that we also be “different” in how we do it. That in brief, is innovation. P T Barnum’s best practices had to be adapted / innovated for the European army.


  1. One key to innovation is to consider benchmarking those organizations that have similar processes but are from an entirely different business or industry.
  2. By learning from the best, regardless of industry, organizations can adapt the benchmarked best practices to develop innovative next practices for their own processes.
  3. If your organization compares itself to others in the same business or industry, over time your products and services will get commoditized.
  4. By looking outside your industry you engage the creative right-brain of all individuals in the organization.
  5. The leaders have to initiate cross-industry benchmarking for best practices to create innovative next practices.
Practice Submission Format
Practice Submission Format
Please click here to download practice submission format

PPT Submission Format (15 slides max):
Please click here to download PPT submission format
Key Dates
No. Stage Last Date
1. Registration and payment of fees 15 Jul 17
2. Practice submission 10 Aug 17
3. Examination of submissions complete 18 Aug 17
4. Shortlist for Finals at BestPrax Conclave 21 Aug 17
5. Power-point for Finals 05 Sep 17
6. BestPrax Conclave 15 Sep 17
7. GBN invites BestPrax Prize winners to compete for the GBN Benchmarking Award 31 Oct 18
8. 12th International Benchmarking Conference (IBCON) - Abu Dhabi, UAE 10-12 Dec 18

Registration fee:
- INR 40,000 + 18% GST per practice submission
- Overseas entries USD 725 per practice submission (inclusive of applicable taxes)
- 10% discount on 5 practice submissions from single business unit

Note: Each practice entry is entitiled to one comlimentary registration to BestPrax Conclave. For overseas payments all bank charges will be borne by applicant.

Cancellation Policy:
- Before 15 July - 50% of the registration fee charged
- After 15 July - 100% of the registration fee charged

Payment Options:
Cheque in favour of 'BestPrax Club Pvt. Ltd.' & courier to:
4B, Sindhu House, Nanabhai Lane
Fort, Mumbai 400 001
Tel: (022) 6634 8701

Registration Form:

Name :
Designation :
Company :
No. of Practices you wish to submit : (number only)
Address :
Email :
Mobile : +91  
To register or for more information, please email inbox@bestprax.com or call us at +91-22-6634-8701.
4B Sindhu House, Nanabhai Lane, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India | Tel: (91-22) 6634 8701 | Email: inbox@bestprax.com
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