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Business Performance Improvement Resource (BPIR)
BPIR.com Limited is owned by Stephen Welch, Managing Director and Dr Robin Mann, Commercial Director. Dr Mann is also Director at the Centre for Organizational Research, Massey University, New Zealand.
What is BPIR?

With thousands of benchmarks, best practices, tools, networking and more the BPIR is the complete resource for improvement and business excellence.

The BPIR is built around a primary goal - Don't reinvent the wheel. With such a wealth of information available to members you don't have to start from scratch. For any given process there are performance measures, benchmarks, best practices, self-assessment tools, expert opinions, articles, case studies and more available to guide you through any improvement project. Plus, if you want further information, new contacts, benchmarking partners or assistance then Network with 1000's of other members - read their profiles, the improvement tools they use, their best practices and contact them.

Ten Good Reasons to Join BPIR

1. Do you want to improve your business results quickly and dramatically?
The quickest way to improve is by learning from the better practices of other organisations. Do not re-invent the wheel - leverage off the experience of other organisations through using the BPIR’s networking services and vast databases of best practices and business improvement information. 

2. How effectively do you use your time and resources?
To help you we have over 60 types of self-assessment tools.  Select a tool to identify your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, allocate resources wisely, and prioritise your strategies and projects. We have personal development, process-specific, functional and organisation-wide business excellence assessment tools for both public and private organisations.

3. Are you looking for further gains with a new strategy or by using a new tool?
Save time and money by reading about how other organisations have designed and deployed their strategies and improved performance. For instance, if you would like to undertake a customer survey, read how other organisations have designed and deployed them - use their experience! We have 1000’s of case studies showing how 100’s of strategies and business improvement tools have been applied.

4. Is business excellence important to you?
Search for best practices and benchmarking data through the perspectives of any of the following models: EFQM Excellence Model, Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence Framework, Singapore Quality Award Model (otherwise known as the Singapore Business Excellence Model), Canadian Business Excellence Model and soon the Australian Business Excellence Framework.

5. Are you designing a training programme?
We have a wealth of information that can be used to support your training programmes. Use the BPIR as an educational resource. Whether your training programme is about the balanced scorecard, risk management or customer focus, your people will gain a better understanding of the topic.

6. Are you preparing for a planning session or do you require business research information?
Use our business periodical library of over 600 periodicals and 1,000,000 articles to find the information, print it out, and share with others.

7. Do you need to find a benchmarking partner?
Look in our award winner database for world-class companies noted for their best practices and business excellence achievements or send out a benchmarking request to all our members and let them respond to you.

8. Do you need to benchmark?
Review our benchmarks across over 900 measures and compare your performance or contact other members directly for benchmark data.

9. Are you having trouble designing/reviewing a performance measurement system?
Home in on an area of performance or process using our unique business excellence model categorisation system, and take ideas from example measures and expert opinion.

10. Do you want to further your career?
Grow your own value to employers by expanding your horizons by leveraging off the knowledge of our 1,000’s of members. Undertake one of our personal development self-assessments in areas such as time-management, delegation skills or coaching skills. Learn of best practices in all processes/activities - be at the leading edge so you can lead others.

Membership Plans
- Single-site Organization: This plan is priced according to an organization’s size and gives all employees access
   to BPIR.com
- Individual: Access to BPIR.com for one person
- Consultant / Business Advisor: Access to BPIR.com for a consultant or business advisor
- Student: Access to the BPIR.com for one student
Join BPIR.com at http://www.bpir.com/component/option,com_bpiradmin/page,signup/task,new_join_plans
Contact inbox@bestprax.com for a discount code.
4B Sindhu House, Nanabhai Lane, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India | Tel: (91-22) 6634 8701 | Email: inbox@bestprax.com
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