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Qimpro-BestPrax Conclave 2013
We are pleased to announce that our fourth Qimpro-BestPrax Conclave will be part of our 25th Qimpro Convention which is being hosted on 11 & 12 November 2013, at Vivanta by Taj - President, Mumbai.
The Qimpro-BestPrax Conclave presents a unique opportunity to senior and middle level managers to:
Appreciate the difference between performance benchmarking and benchmarking of best practices
Learn from the showcased best practices across a variety of industries: power, retail, insurance, banking, distribution, BPO
Understand the discipline required to harvest internal best practices for Leadership Governance, Management Governance, and Operations Governance
Understand the discipline required to mine for external best practices
Appreciate the need to develop next practices
Understand the process to compete for the Qimpro-BestPrax Benchmark
Five organizations have been selected for the Qimpro-BestPrax Benchmark 2013 through an extensive assessment process. Each of these five will present three of their ten harvested best practices. One practice per organization will be selected by a panel of judges to participate in the annual conference of the Global Benchmarking Network.
The macro process for the Qimpro-BestPrax Benchmark competition is as follows:
Submission of a comprehensive Application Form
Individual assessments of internal practices, by 20 – 100 executives, through the on-line Qimpro-BestPrax Barometer
On-site harvesting of 10+ best practices, per governance category, by BestPrax
Preparation of a Feedback Report by BestPrax
Issue of Qimpro-BestPrax Rating Certificates per management category
Declaration of winners of the Qimpro-BestPrax Benchmark
Showcasing of best practices of winners at the Qimpro Convention
Organizations that have adopted performance excellence models based on the Baldrige and / or EFQM, will significantly benefit by participating in the Qimpro-BestPrax Conclave.