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Turbocharging for Performance Excellence
Performance Excellence is no longer an option. There are several Performance Excellence Models, such as the Baldrige, EFQM, IMC RBNQA, CII EXIM, BestPrax Barometer, and others.

So how does one get started? Started at speed....turbocharged?....more
Process Improvement Labs
Process Improvement is a choice with no options. It requires challenging the standard, continuously....more
NextPrax Labs
Best practices are mortal. Competition ensures the best becomes a common practice. In order to remain competitive NextPrax Labs are required for proactively challenging the harvested best practices, and creating innovative next practices...more
TRADE Benchmarking Certification
The TRADE benchmarking methodology is focused on the exchange (or “trade”) of information and best practices to improve the performance of processes, goods and services...more
For more information please email inbox@bestprax.com or call us at +91-22-6634-8701.
4B Sindhu House, Nanabhai Lane, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India | Tel: (91-22) 6634 8701 | Email: inbox@bestprax.com
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