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turbocharging for performance excellence
The Need
Performance Excellence is no longer a choice. It is a prerequisite for survival in a competitive market environment. In Business. In Education. In Healthcare.
Organizations need a reliable method for:
  • Rating the quality of management performance
  • Harvesting their best practices
  • Prioritizing opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritizing opportunities for innovation
  • Turbocharging the quality management system for Performance Excellence.
Meeting the Need
The BestPrax Barometer is an objective and quantifiable rating tool that can help organizations to:
  • Establish their present position with respect to Performance Excellence
  • Build a balanced management infrastructure for Performance Excellence
  • Deploy precious resources effectively
  • Turbocharge transformation in a systematic way to achieve benchmark performance
  • Earn domestic and international accolades.
BestPrax Barometer Scope
The BestPrax Barometer is constructed around 12 management categories, the drivers for Performance Excellence. At a detailed level, they are collectively populated with over 100 world-class managerial practices. BestPrax Barometer
  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Customer and Market Focus
  4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
  5. Cost of Poor Quality
  6. Human Resourse Focus
  7. Value Creation Processes
  8. Support Processes
  9. Supplier and Partner Focus
  10. Improvement and Innovation
  11. Internal Quality Audits
  12. Business Results
Turbocharging for Performance Excellence
1. Rating the Quality of Management Performance:
  • Select at least 20 and up to 100 leaders and managers to participate in an on-line survey using the BestPrax Barometer
  • Based on the on-line survey, BestPrax will rate the 12 management categories, the drivers for Performance Excellence
  • Each driver is given a BestPrax Rating (Level 1-10)
  • An overall BestPrax Rating is provided to reflect the quality of management performance (Level 1-10)
BestPrax Barometer
2. Harvesting the Best Practices:
  • Based on the on-line survey, BestPrax will rate the managerial practices (Level 1-10) seeded in each of the 12 drivers
  • These ratings of managerial practices will be compared to the ratings of BestPrax Barometer users
  • Noteworthy managerial practices will be harvested
  • BestPrax will deliver a feedback report
  • BestPrax will mine for relevant global best practices in the GBN Knowledge Bank
  • BestPrax will deliver these global best practices as a customized compendium
3. Turbocharging Transformation:
  • Prioritize opportunities for left-brain incremental improvement
  • Conduct Improvement Labs
  • Prioritize opportunities for right-brain disruptive innovation
  • Conduct Innovation Labs
  • Develop action plans for transformation
  • Implement Action Plans
  • Once again, rate the relevant drivers
4. BestPrax Seal of Excellence
  • A BestPrax Seal of Excellence – Blue is granted to an overall BestPrax Rating of Level 7
  • A BestPrax Seal of Excellence – Silver is granted to an overall BestPrax Rating of Level 8
  • A BestPrax Seal of Excellence – Gold is granted to an overall BestPrax Rating of Level 9
  • The relevant BestPrax Seal of Excellence can be showcased on every mode / channel of communication
BestPrax Barometer
5. Compete for Team Excellence Awards:
6. Compete for Performance Excellence Awards:
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