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The 5th International Best Practices Competition (IBPC) will be hosted by BestPrax Club in Mumbai on 25-26 April, 2017 at NMIMS University.
IBPC was founded by the Center for Organizational Excellence Research (COER), Massey University, New Zealand; and developers of the Business Performance Improvement Research (BPIR), New Zealand.
IBPC encourages organizations to share their best operational and managerial practices, processes, systems and initiatives, as well as learn from others.
BestPrax Club invites you to witness the best practices resident in Asian organizations. In manufacturing and services.
Organizations in India are also encouraged to participate in the IBPC.
Keynote Address: Benchmarking Research for Performance Excellence.

Dr Robin Mann
Founder, COER; Director, BPIR;
Chairman, Global Benchmarking Network (GBN)
Special Address: Harvesting Best Practices for Performance Excellence

Suresh Lulla
Founder, Qimpro Consultants; Founder, BestPrax Club;
Chairman, IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award Committee; Director, GBN
- To attend the event please register here
  Fee: INR 10,000 + 15% Service Tax = 11,500 per delegate
- To participate in the competition please follow http://www.bestpracticecompetition.com/