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About BestPrax Club
BestPrax Club is the Indian member of Global Benchmarking Network (GBN), founded by Dr Robert Camp, author of the seminal works on Benchmarking.
The GBN is an alliance of leading benchmarking centres worldwide who share a common vision and mission. Current Membership comprises 25 benchmarking centres which represent more than 30,000 businesses and government agencies.
Our mission is to harvest best practices of an organization; and facilitate proactive creation of innovative next practices.
Consulting & Training
- Harvesting Best Practices
- NextPrax Labs
BestPrax Prize
Organizations that have harvested best practices aligned to Business Excellence Models, such as, the Baldrige, EFQM, IMC RBNQA, CII Exim, BestPrax Barometer, and others, are invited to participate for the BestPrax Prize.
BestPrax Benchmark
BestPrax Benchmark is a periodic competition to recognize best managerial practices of a SBU within an organization. The competition is promoted in three governance categories: Leadership/Management/Operations. Participation in any of the three governance categories is a first step towards sharing, learning and growing your managerial practices.
BestPrax Membership
Catalyzing organizational transformation through trading of best practices.
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