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Preparation Work Prior to the Workshop
It is preferable that participant’s identify a benchmarking area of focus (a process, activity, or level of performance which needs to be improved) prior to the workshop. At the workshop participants will develop a Terms of Reference for the benchmarking area of focus, plan the project and begin undertaking the benchmarking steps. On completion of the training participants will understand what is required to complete the project.
The area of focus should be selected for one or more of the following reasons:
it is of major strategic importance
there is pressure from customers or other stakeholders to improve performance in this area
there is evidence that performance can be significantly improved
improving performance will result in significant benefits.
Examples of areas of focus:
  Leadership and governance e.g. Best practices in leadership
  Customer complaint management e.g. To improve our customer complaint management process to a world-class standard.
  Balanced Scorecard e.g. To identify and implement best practices in the application of the Balanced Scorecard
  Supplier relationship process e.g. To become an industry leader for our supplier relationship process.
  Team culture e.g. To develop a winning team culture
  Recruitment time e.g. To reduce the time to recruit new staff
Please think of areas of your organisation to improve before the workshop