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Dr Robin Mann
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TRADE Certification Workshop
Certified Benchmarking Training - Level 1
COER's proprietary TRADE Benchmarking methodology was developed by Dr. Mann, and adopted by organisations in a number of countries including New Zealand, Taiwan, UAE and the UK.
The two-day intensive platform is for individuals or teams that want to accelerate their benchmarking learning and kick-start projects that will deliver innovative solutions and best practices. This platform is also the only route to certification in benchmarking and training by Dr Mann - to provide assurance that your benchmarking projects are being conducted in a professional and effective manner.
Individuals trained in TRADE can advance their knowledge of benchmarking through the accompanying certification scheme - to ensure that benchmarking is applied professionally.
Successful participants will be awarded the TRADE Benchmarking Trained Certificate (Bronze) by COER upon completion of the program which leads ultimately to the Trade Benchmarking Mastery Certificate (Gold).
This certification scheme is the first to be offered in benchmarking, and recognises the need to advance the professionalism of this field.